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A New Way to View College with
Hey, I'm Amanda! I was born and raised in NJ. You can find me running the show behind the camera since I'm not a big fan of being on film!

I make a mean spanakopita and have watched every romantic comedy on Netflix.

My absolute favorite song is Mr. Blue Sky by ELO.

I live by the saying, “nothing is ever as good as it seems and definitely never as bad as it seems.”

You can reach me at
A New Way to View College with
Hey, I'm Omid! I've been a Long Islander since I was 8 years old. I love vlogging and talking, and talking about vlogging!

I can frequently be found eating cheeses or ice cream and watching Narcos or Scrubs.

My theme song is 100 Grandkids by Mac Miller.

I believe "A rising tide lifts all boats."

You can reach me at