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Everyone goes to college now. What makes you different?
College is this rushed thing we all do. It used to be a marker for success and stood for a real competitive advantage throughout the country. But what is it now? An overpriced commodity. Don’t get it wrong, college is still valuable. But don’t fall for the trap that $200,000 dollars is a justifiable price for an undergraduate degree when you don’t know how to use the product you’re buying. College is a business now. It’s up to you to make sure you use it for education.

We are in a repeat of the 2008 housing bubble, but now with education. It took $900 billion to resolve the housing crisis. Student loan debt sits at $1.56 trillion in this exact moment, and is rising nearly $3,000 per second.

If you are reading this, know that you are in a historic moment. What you choose to do next will be the difference between being ahead of the curve or being on the other side, saying to yourself “I wish I had known better.”
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